Children's Department Christmas Party 2014 Album

Blind Santa with a child Blind Santa with a sleeping baby Merry Christmas with Brenda Santa and a family at BSS Merry Christmas with Carmi Christmas picture with a family at BSS
Ms Lolita and a family for the Christmas party Merry Christmas with Dolores The Delta Gamma Sorority Volunteers for the Christmas party Blind Santa Charles Nebarrete taking a break Santa pointing to a list where Kelly Hill's name is written along with Kelly sitting next to Santa Ms. Lolita standing in front of a winter snow setting with a purple sky
Santa and Pete Merry Christmas with Pete Merry Christmas with Priscilla the puppet tree Robin and Frosty Merry Christmas with Robin
Santa posing with a Mother and Daughter Blind Santa and a blind child Pete, Lolita and Dolores posing with people from Stronghold Engineering

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