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All of the staff at BSS.

BSS staff photo

  • An assistive technology instructor is teaching Zoom Text to a blind student
  • Travel Training event at BSS
  • A student is learning how to use JAWS on his laptop computer.
  • Ramiro is learning how to type Braille on a Perkins Braille Typewriter.
  • Teresa is learning how to paint her nails with her independent living skills instructor.
  • Timothy German is learning how to cook in his independent living skills class.
  • Antonia Quesada sitting next to white mobility canes used for blind children.
  • A blind child is learning how to use her white mobility cane in our children's department.
  • A blind parent and her daughter are coming to the children's department at BSS.
  • Richard is learning assistive technology at BSS.
  • Two blind children hug each other in the children's department.
  • Teresa is learning how to use her iPhone in the assistive technology department.
  • Ciro is teaching Octavia how to read Braille.
  • Christine Davidson is teaching Sal how to type Braille.
  • Learning how to walk with trained guide dogs who assist the blind.
  • Getting on the bus with a travel training instructor from BSS
  • Learning orientation and mobility at BSS.
  • Antonia Quesada working with Priscilla Gayton toward her goal of going back to school
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We at Blindness Support Services are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

Upcoming Events

2017 calendar

BSS Calendar

Spanish Peer Support

Friday August 11 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services 3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

We will have two guest speakers. From 10am - 11am, Dwayna Green Wade, with Mary Kay, will be speaking about caring for and moisturizing your skin in the hot, dry, summers of Southern California. From 11am - 11:30am, Pamela Hanson, with Rite Aid, will be discussing the flu shot and how to be protected for free from Rite Aid. If this information sounds important to you come and you speak Spanish join us at out Spanish Speaking Peer Support Group.

We will be playing Loteria at the end of the meeting.

New Wellness Support Group

Friday, August 11th from 1pm-3pm at The Cypress Springs Apartments 7850 Cypress Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503

Blindness Support Services is pleased to announce the creation of a new Support Group designed specifically for persons blind/visually impaired and their families. Entitled “Wellness Support Group,” this newly established gathering is designed to empower attendees to become healthier, more fit, and happier about themselves. We understand that vision loss poses many challenges to all of us, and are excited to be a part of working together to help lead more healthy lifestyles.
Come and join us for our first monthly session of the Wellness Support Group!

Please provide your RSVP to Lisa or Toni at (951)341-9244/(951)341-0232 no later than Wednesday August 9, 2017

Peer Support

The Peer Support Group Listening to a Presentation Friday, August 18 from 10am-12noon at BSS.

Blindness Support Services Peer Support Group will be welcoming Leslie McNeil. She will be discussing non-24 a disorder that affects your circadian rhythm (your internal clock). People with Non-24 experience a daily sift in the times when their body expects to be awake and asleep, causing periods when they are awake at night and want to sleep through the day. The circadian rhythm is greatly affected by light cues, or lack there of.

The presentation will last from 10am - 11am, and the second hour from 11am - 12noon will be spent giving one on one information. 

Braille Club

The BSS Braille Club Friday, August 25 from 10am-12noon at BSS.

Come on in and be a part of this club. Members must be able to read basic alphabets to complete words independantly. We focus on maintaining and increase the fluency of your Braille reading skills.

Braille Club Rewards

Participants earn free entry to one Descriptive Video of their choice after attending ten consecutive Braille Club meetings. Invite your Braille Reading friends to come and improve their skill with monthly practice. BSS Students have priority on space available but every Braille Reader is welcome.

Two blind children touching each other's faces when they meet

At Blindness Support Services we train people who are blind or visually impaired with specialized equipment and computer programs. We take in various kinds of blind people with a wide variety of needs.

Some are in need of Mobility training, others need Independent Living Skills training. We also have two adjustment to blindness peer support groups that facilitate people who have lost their sight and are in need of group counseling. One group is for Spanish speakers and the other is for English speakers.

We have a Blind Children's Department where preschool age blind or visually impaired children are taught with tactile learning props and teaching tools as a precursor to reading Braille.

There is a Blind parenting class for parents who are blind and need help with child rearing practices and advice.

Our Department of Older Adults provides in-home visits for seniors and teach independent living skills to seniors who are blind or visually impaired.

There are a lot of different classes and resources here at blindness support services. Our Departments also provide training in Spanish.

Our goal is to help people who are blind achieve a higher level of independence so they can function by themselves in society.

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