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We at Blindness Support Services are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

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A student looking in a shop while on a travel training exercise.
a student getting a hands on look at a refreshable braille display during an assistive technology presentation.


Vaccine Days At BSS

On May 5th and May 6th, BSS will once again have COVID-19 Vaccines Available. There is no appointment or registration needed, simply come to our office and you will be able to receive your vaccine. Whether you need your first or second dose at this time, you will be able to get it here, 3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92508.

On April 14th and 15th, we hosted a vaccination clinic in our offices. Check out this interview of our very own CEO, Pete Benavidez, where he discusses some of the hardships faced by the blind and visually impaired community during the pandemic. Watch as he gets vaccinated at our offices on Spectrum News 1. http://specne.ws/vNgULi

Touch Free Environment

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, BSS began its transition to a Touch Free Office Environment. As we move forward during these challenging times, such efforts are directed in making our training facility as safe as possible.

Special acknowledgments go out to our Contractor Stronghold engineering for helping us make this happen.

Essential App Lists

There are many applications available in the app store and google play store that can assist you while you are at home, school, work or on the go.

Our Assistive Technology department has compiled a list of accessible iOS applications for your smartphone or tablet that can assist you to improve your independence.

Essential iOS Apps page graphic contains the Apple logo.

Essential Android Apps page graphic contains the Google Play logo.

This Month's Events

BSS calendar

BSS Calendar

Unless otherwise specified, the following meetings are held
Via Zoom Meetings

*Our Meetings are invite only. Please contact us to RSVP before the meeting date.
Call: (951) 341-9244 or contact our front desk at fdesk@blindnesssupport.com

Travel Training Workshop

When: Friday, May 7th, from 10AM to 12 noon

Priscilla, Our Travel Training Instructor, will be hosting a Travel Training workshop. During the workshop, Riverside Transit Agency Director of Planning Kristin Warsinski will be giving a presentation on the following topics:

  • May service change information
  • RTA’s response to COVID- cleanliness, safety protocols, etc.
  • Special programs- Youth/college free fares, October $5 Monthly Pass
  • Vine Street Mobility Hub project update
  • Dial A Ride (changes and safety etc.)

Peer Support

When: Friday, May 14th, from 10AM to 12 noon

We have a Peer Support group where individuals that are blind are visually impaired can interact with others. We cover a wide variety of topics and activities, and we meet every second Friday of the month.


Mobility Monday #3

When: Monday, May 17th, from 1 to 3PM

This Month we will be talking about tactile maps and the skills needed to complete one; cardinal directions, route shapes, Jacobson's 5 Point Travel System, etc.

Technology Club

When: Friday, May 21st, from 10AM to 12 noon

We have a Technology Club! We discuss topics related to all types of mobile Devices and Apps followed by open discussion. All are welcomed to Join us and learn! This month we will be discussing the voiceover rotor on iOS devices. We will have opportunities for individuals to share how they use the rotor to complete tasks on a daily basis.


Exploring Braille

When: Friday, May 28th, from 10AM to 12 noon

Have you considered learning Braille but are unsure if you are ready? Are you in the process of learning Braille but looking for additional ways to practice and refine your skills? Have you learned Braille in the past but want to discover new ways to incorporate it in your daily life? Then come join us on the last Friday of every month and be a part of our Braille learning community. All individuals are welcome to come and see what Braille is all about and learn new and fun ways to use your growing Braille skills.


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