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All of the staff at BSS.

BSS staff photo

  • An assistive technology instructor is teaching Zoom Text to a blind student
  • Travel Training event at BSS
  • A student is learning how to use JAWS on his laptop computer.
  • Ramiro is learning how to type Braille on a Perkins Braille Typewriter.
  • Teresa is learning how to paint her nails with her independent living skills instructor.
  • Timothy German is learning how to cook in his independent living skills class.
  • Antonia Quesada sitting next to white mobility canes used for blind children.
  • A blind child is learning how to use her white mobility cane in our children's department.
  • A blind parent and her daughter are coming to the children's department at BSS.
  • Richard is learning assistive technology at BSS.
  • Two blind children hug each other in the children's department.
  • Teresa is learning how to use her iPhone in the assistive technology department.
  • Ciro is teaching Octavia how to read Braille.
  • Christine Davidson is teaching Sal how to type Braille.
  • Learning Braille is fun at BSS.
  • Learning how to walk with trained guide dogs who assist the blind.
  • Getting on the bus with a travel training instructor from BSS
  • Learning orientation and mobility at BSS.
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We are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

Children's Department Park Day

a little girl at Park Day

Check out our pictures from our Children's Department Park Day.

We had a fun filled day at the Sensory Playground at Fairmount Park in Riverside.

Upcoming Events

2017 calendar

BSS Calendar

Braille Club

Friday, April 28 from 10am-12noon at BSS.

the BSS Braille Club

It is a lot of fun. Come on in and be a part of this club. We will have phrases printed in Jumbo Braille, Uncontracted Braille, and Contracted Braille. We will focus on how to maintain and increase the fluency of your Braille reading skills.

Braille Club Rewards

Participants earn free entry to one Descriptive Video of their choice after attending four consecutive Braille Club meetings or reading 20 unique braille strips at your designated level. Invite your Braille Reading friends to come and improve their skill with monthly practice. BSS Students have priority on space available but every Braille Reader is welcome. Remember to sign in so your participation is documented and you get credit for your accomplishments.

Blind Awareness Month

Blind Awareness Month is coming up. Blind Awareness Month (BAM), was started to highlight all that a Blind/Visually Impaired person is capable of accomplishing. The tools and skills developed to train those persons who come through the doors of Blindness Support Services are demonstrated to the public. Public knowledge helps the average person understand how this amazing population can thrive in our complex society. Take the time to come, learn and enjoy life from a different perspective.

BAM Activities

The BID Group, and BID Group Partners, proclaim May 19 to be Blind Diabetes Independence Day!

the Prodigy audio talking blood glucomter

Bob Bourdette, Director of Sales with BID Group sponsor Advanced Diabetes Supply, will be at
Blindness Support Services, Inc. 3696 Beatty Drive Riverside, CA 92506 on Friday, May 19 at 10:00am for a Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Meter Workshop. Blind diabetics within traveling distance of Riverside, CA can attend in person. Blind diabetics, blindness social workers, CDEs, and those who cannot be there in person may join the meeting via conference call by dialing 641-715-0861 and entering the pin number 886466#. We will be hosting blind diabetics from across the country who want to learn how to use the Prodigy Voice Meter, get started with using the living with diabetes and blindness training materials, and make new friends. For more information about this event
contact Feliciano Godoy at (951) 341-0296.

BID Group sponsor, Advanced Diabetes Supply, provides the only NFB + AFB Award Winning Blind-Friendly Prodigy Voice meter to people on Medicare, private health plans, and cash pay. They sell Prodigy test strips for just $6.87 per box for people with no insurance. If you want more information about the BID Group,
call Jerry Munden at (980) 253-0949 or to order a Prodigy Voice meter and supplies call Bob Bourdette at (760) 579-7230.

Download the BID Group Workshop Flyer

For More Information on BID Group Workshop

a french toast breakfast

Breakfast in the Dark

Breakfast in the Dark on Saturday May 20, 2017 at BSS from 9:00am-12:00noon.

$7.00 Breakfast will include French Toast, Bacon or Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Fruit. Coffee, Juice, and water. Buy tickets with our Receptionist.

50/50 Opportunity Drawing:

Tickets are also being offered for our 50/50 drawing to be held at the Breakfast in the Dark. Winner takes home one Half of the Amount collected. 1 Ticket for $1.00, 6 Tickets for $5.00 and 13 tickets for $10.00. For more information please call (951) 341-6333.

Download the BAM Flyer

Two blind children touching each other's faces when they meet

At Blindness Support Services we train people who are blind or visually impaired with specialized equipment and computer programs. We take in various kinds of blind people with a wide variety of needs.

Whereas some are in need of Mobility training, others need Independent Living Skills training. We also have two adjustment to blindness peer support groups that facilitate people who have lost their sight and are in need of group counseling. One group is for Spanish speakers and the other is for English speakers.

We have a Blind Children's Department where preschool age blind or visually impaired children are taught with tactile learning props and teaching tools as a precursor to reading Braille.

There is a Blind parenting class for parents who are blind and need help with child rearing practices and advice.

Our Department of Older Adults provides in-home visits for seniors and teach independent living skills to seniors who are blind or visually impaired.

There are a lot of different classes and resources here at blindness support services. Our Departments also provide training in Spanish.

Our goal is to help people who are blind achieve a higher level of independence so they can function by themselves in society.

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