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We at Blindness Support Services are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

  • An assistive technology instructor is teaching Zoom Text to a blind student
  • children feeling different soils to get used to different textures.
  • Using technology to enlarge text to be read.
  • A blind parent and her daughter are coming to the children's department at BSS.
  • A student looking in a shop while on a travel training exercise.
  • Pavel getting a hands on look at a refreshable braille display during an assistive technology presentation.
  • Ciro is teaching Octavia how to read Braille.
  • using a letter address writing guide
  • A blind child is learning how to use her white mobility cane in our children's department.
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Check out The 12 Days of Blindness, our version of the 12 Days of Christmas that revolves around things that happen after becoming blind or visually impaired

Upcoming Events

2019 calendar

BSS Calendar

Senior Day

Wednesday, January 9 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services

For our January Senior Day, we will be having a meeting discussing new year resolutions and planning out the year for senior day trips.

Senior Day is a support group that was created to empower seniors ages 55+ that are blind or Visually Impaired to get out in their communities. Our objective is for individuals to network with others, socialize and be more confident in new environments.

Find out more more here

La Red Social Para Latinos (Spanish Peer Support)

The BSS Spanish Peer Support Group Friday, January 11 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services

For the month of January, Janice Bielman will be representing Meals on Wheels and sharing with us the services they offer. After her presentation peer support participants will be playing Loteria to win prizes!

Participants should RSVP by 1/10/19.

Wellness Support Group

Friday, January 11 from 1:30pm-3pm at Blindness Support Services

The BSS Spanish Peer Support Group
For our meeting to start out the new year, we wil have guest speaker Leslie McNeil who will be giving a presentation on Non 24 circadian sleep wake disorder.

Participants must RSVP by Monday January 07,2019

Peer Support

Friday, January 18 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services

Are you having difficulties adjusting to blindness? The Adjustment to Blindness is a peer group of Blind and Visually Impaired individuals who come together to discuss the issues about blindness and the challenges of coping with being Blind. Come to this meeting for open discussions about these issues. This group meeting is free to the public.

Apple Devices Club

Friday, January 18 from 1pm-3pm at Blindness Support Services

The BSS Spanish Peer Support GroupThis month we will be discussing Apps to enable you to stay organized with your Things to do, Appointments and Reminders.

We discuss topics related to Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Devices and Apps followed by open discussion. It is free to our Blind patrons and do not forget to bring your iPad, iPod, or your iPhone. If you do not have an Apple Device, but would like to Join us and learn, you are welcome to come!

Our Meetings are invite only. Please contact us to RSVP before the meeting date.

Braille Club

The BSS Braille Club Friday, January 25 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services.

Come on in and be a part of this club. Members must be able to read basic alphabets to complete words independently. We focus on maintaining and increase the fluency of your Braille reading skills.

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