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We at Blindness Support Services are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

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A student looking in a shop while on a travel training exercise.
a group riding a paddle boat during our Triathalon event
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Announcement: Hybrid Event!

We will be having a Guid Dog Presentation

When: Friday, September 16th, from 10am to 12 noon

BSS will be hosting an information presentation about guide dogs and the process to receiving a guide dog. Join us to learn about what qualifies someone for a guide dog, what it is like to live with a guide dog, and what it is like to be responsible for a guide dog in everyday life. This will be a hybrid event. In person seating will be limited, but anybody can also join via our Zoom Meeting. Simply let us know if you intend to join in person or online when you RSVP.

For the safety of all in-person participants we will require face coverings inside our office. If you RSVP for an in-person seat but unexpectedly feel unwell the day of our event, we ask that you attend via zoom.

Check out our Essential App Lists

There are many applications available in the app store and google play store that can assist you while you are at home, school, work or on the go.

Our Assistive Technology department has compiled a list of accessible iOS applications for your smartphone or tablet that can assist you to improve your independence.

Essential iOS Apps page graphic contains the Apple logo.

Essential Android Apps page graphic contains the Google Play logo.

This Month's Events

BSS calendar

BSS Calendar

How Do I RSVP?

Unless otherwise specified, BSS Hosted meetings are held via
Zoom Meetings

Please contact us to RSVP before the meeting date.
Call: (951) 341-9244 or contact our front desk at fdesk@blindnesssupport.com

Technology Club

When: Friday, September 23rd, from 10am-12 noon

We have a Technology Club! We discuss topics related to all types of mobile Devices and Apps followed by open discussion. Common topics include Travel apps to assist with getting around, Text recognition to help with reading printed documents, and other generally useful apps for everyday use. All are welcomed to Join us and learn!

Check back later for our topic announcment

Exploring Braille

When: Friday, September 30th from 10am-12 noon

Have you considered learning Braille but are unsure if you are ready? Are you in the process of learning Braille but looking for additional ways to practice and refine your skills? Have you learned Braille in the past but want to discover new ways to incorporate it in your daily life? Join us on the last Friday of every month and be a part of our Braille learning community!

We will mail out materials personalized to each individual’s braille reading level so participants can follow along and work together with the group. Personalization means we can print materials in fully contracted braille for the advanced participant, and up to including the uncontracted braille alphabet for those just starting the learning process. Everyone is welcome to join and learn new and fun ways to use your growing Braille skills. RSVP early in the month to receive your worksheets on time.

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