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All of the staff at BSS.

BSS staff photo

  • An assistive technology instructor is teaching Zoom Text to a blind student
  • Travel Training event at BSS
  • A student is learning how to use JAWS on his laptop computer.
  • Ramiro is learning how to type Braille on a Perkins Braille Typewriter.
  • Teresa is learning how to paint her nails with her independent living skills instructor.
  • Timothy German is learning how to cook in his independent living skills class.
  • Antonia Quesada sitting next to white mobility canes used for blind children.
  • A blind child is learning how to use her white mobility cane in our children's department.
  • A blind parent and her daughter are coming to the children's department at BSS.
  • Richard is learning assistive technology at BSS.
  • Two blind children hug each other in the children's department.
  • Teresa is learning how to use her iPhone in the assistive technology department.
  • Ciro is teaching Octavia how to read Braille.
  • Christine Davidson is teaching Sal how to type Braille.
  • Learning Braille is fun at BSS.
  • Learning how to walk with trained guide dogs who assist the blind.
  • Getting on the bus with a travel training instructor from BSS
  • Learning orientation and mobility at BSS.
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We at Blindness Support Services are dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.

Events Taking Place in October

2017 calendar

BSS Calendar

A Tactile Approach To Learning

Saturday October 7th from 9am - 12 noon at Blindness Support Services
3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

BSS Children’s Department is hosting “A Tactile Approach to Learning” Teacher Training here at BSS. The training is free to the first 25 Early Start Teachers who RSVP.
RSVP to (951) 341-8356

Spanish Peer Support

The BSS Spanish Peer Support Group Friday October 13 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services 3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

Free to the public. We have an Adjustment to Blindness Peer Support Group where you can come and discuss the issues you face as a blind person. This group is for people who speak Spanish.

Wellness Support Group

Stick Figrues doing exercises Friday October 13 from 1pm - 3pm at Cypress Springs Apartments
7850 Cypress Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503

October’s Wellness Support Group is almost here!
For this session, we will be talking about stress management strategies. We also have special guest Jessa from Anahata Yoga Studio to take us through a relaxing meditation session.

Please RSVP by 12pm Wednesday, October 11th by calling Lisa at (951) 341 9244

Peer Support

Friday October 20 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services
3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

Are you having difficulties adjusting to blindness?
The Adjustment to Blindness is a peer group of Blind and Visually Impaired individuals who come together to discuss the issues about blindness and the challenges of coping with being Blind. Come to this meeting for open discussions about these issues. This group meeting is free to the public.

Apple Devices Club

Friday October 20 from 1pm - 3pm at Blindness Support Services
3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

This month the Apple Devices Club will be looking at the iOS 11 update and the many new features included in it.

Parent and Child Sing-a-long

Wednesday October 25 from 9:30am - 11:30am at Blindness Support Services
3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

BSS Children’s Department is Having our Parent & Child Sing-A-Long, with song book making and trick-or-treating for BSS & Braille Institute Children in the Inland Empire.

Please RSVP to (951) 341-8356 9:30am until 11:30am

Braille Club

The BSS Braille Club Friday, October 27 from 10am-12noon at Blindness Support Services
3696 Beatty Drive, Riverside, CA 92506

Come on in and be a part of this club. Members must be able to read basic alphabets to complete words independantly. We focus on maintaining and increase the fluency of your Braille reading skills.

Braille Club Rewards

Participants earn free entry to one Descriptive Video of their choice after attending ten consecutive Braille Club meetings. Invite your Braille Reading friends to come and improve their skill with monthly practice. BSS Students have priority on space available but every Braille Reader is welcome.

Two blind children touching each other's faces when they meet

At Blindness Support Services we train people who are blind or visually impaired with specialized equipment and computer programs. We take in various kinds of blind people with a wide variety of needs.

Some are in need of Mobility training, others need Independent Living Skills training. We also have two adjustment to blindness peer support groups that facilitate people who have lost their sight and are in need of group counseling. One group is for Spanish speakers and the other is for English speakers.

We have a Blind Children's Department where preschool age blind or visually impaired children are taught with tactile learning props and teaching tools as a precursor to reading Braille.

There is a Blind parenting class for parents who are blind and need help with child rearing practices and advice.

Our Department of Older Adults provides in-home visits for seniors and teach independent living skills to seniors who are blind or visually impaired.

There are a lot of different classes and resources here at blindness support services. Our Departments also provide training in Spanish.

Our goal is to help people who are blind achieve a higher level of independence so they can function by themselves in society.

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