Upcoming Metrolink Presentation

Our Travel Training Instructor, Priscilla, is currently working on a presentation with Metrolink. A representative will be giving a presentation on utilizing the train system during this pandemic and as the state begins to reopen.

Try it lab changing to Microsoft Teams

We will be shifting our focus from Zoom to Microsoft Teams starting in June. We hope you will take this opportunity to expand your skillset and be more prepared to use other meeting software that is common in a professional setting.

Coffee Hour, Before Peer Support and Tech Club

In the spirit of bringing back the comradery and ambiance that was present in the lobby, the Peer Support and Technology Club zoom meetings will be open for one hour before the scheduled club meeting. Please feel free to join and chat with other participants, and use this time to get set up on zoom as we will be starting the meetings promptly when scheduled. 

Recurring Events Hosted by Blindness Support

Meet The Candidate

When: Friday, June 4th, from 10AM to 12 noon

On Friday, June 4th from 10AM to 12noon, We will be hosting a "Meet the Candidate" event for this month's peer support meeting. We are having some Riverside City Council Candidates running in the June 8th election to speak to us about their plans for their Ward. Please spread the word to anyone who lives in the City of Riverside wards 2, 4, or 6.

Mobility Monday #4

Rescheduled to: Friday, June 11th, from 1 to 3PM

The topic for the next Mobility Monday will be a continuation of where we left off last month, discussing Tactile Maps and Jacobson's 5 Points of Travel.

Technology Club

When: Friday, June 18th, from 10AM to 12 noon

We have a Technology Club! We discuss topics related to all types of mobile Devices and Apps followed by open discussion. All are welcomed to Join us and learn! This month we will be discussing the voiceover rotor on iOS devices. We will have opportunities for individuals to share how they use the rotor to complete tasks on a daily basis.


Exploring Braille

When: Friday, June 25th, from 1 to 3PM

Have you considered learning Braille but are unsure if you are ready? Are you in the process of learning Braille but looking for additional ways to practice and refine your skills? Have you learned Braille in the past but want to discover new ways to incorporate it in your daily life? Then come join us on the last Friday of every month and be a part of our Braille learning community. All individuals are welcome to come and see what Braille is all about and learn new and fun ways to use your growing Braille skills.


Unless otherwise specified, BSS Hosted meetings are held via
Zoom Meetings

Please contact us to RSVP before the meeting date.
Call: (951) 341-9244 or stop by our front desk

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