Blindness Support Services Consumer Appreciation Day

These are some of the consumers at BSS A lot of people came to the event Ramon came to the consumer appreciation day Customer Appreciation Day A lot of consumers showed up for the event Ms. Lolita is presenting for this event
Yvonne Holstein is enjoying consumer appreciation day Yvonne Holstein is playing 'what is it and tell a story'. Pauline is checking what is in the bag! Pauline found a spider and a foot massager in her bag Rosalie got a bag, what's in it? Now Rosalie is telling a story
Rosalie is telling a story at Consumer Appreciation day Now Eric is telling a story Ramon had a hair curler and a rubber duck Now Ramon has to tell a story Pete got some interesting items in his bag Pete is telling a story using the contents of his bag

Consumer Appreciation Day Feliciano, Ms. Lolita and Brenda are going to hand out awards to our consumers Feliciano is handing out the first award Rosalie received an award Vince received an award with Brenda Yvonne received an award and won a gift card Rosalie received an award with Ms Lolita Yvonne received an award with Feliciano

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