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Children's Halloween Make It and Take It

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We want to thank all of our families who were able to attend and experience our Halloween Make-It-Take-It. Our kiddos enjoyed decorating pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and being part of the costume contest. Parents assisted their children in decorating pumpkins which allowed them to be creative and enjoy their family time together. They also used their fine and gross motor skills to mix paint and glue a variety of items on their pumpkins. Parents also had the opportunity to network among themselves. It was amazing to see how the children interacted and socialized so well, including their exploration within the sensory tables. They enjoyed feeling the water beads and experienced what a pumpkin feels like when cut open. Our Halloween Make-It-Take-It was such a success! This event couldn’t have been possible without the help of our staff, Braille Institute, and the generous donations from Alin Party Superstore, Target, Papa Johns, and Dominos.