Braille Club

meeting in the pancake room Mary, Chris, Teresa, Lolita and Ramiro attending braille club getting help loading paper into the perkins brailler from Ciro Ciro and Ramiro helping Mary in the Braille club Mary learning more about the Perkins brailler in the Braille club using Braille blocks and sticks to have fun at Braille club
having fun at Braille club Reading fun facts in Braille at the Braille Club We use all kinds of fun props at the Braille club to read Braille It is fun to be at a Braille club meeting. Kelly is trying to read what is on the back of Teresa's T-shirt. Miss Lolita is directing the Braille Club activities.
Miss Lolita and Mary are enjoying the Braille Club. This T-shirt says The Hadley School of the Blind in Braille. Kelly still can't read this large print Braille, shall we tell him what it says? Smile you on Braille Club Camera. These are all of the props used for the various skill levels of Braille Readers that come to Braille Club. We endeavor to maintain our Braille reading skills to maintain our fluency when reading Braille. Everyone is busy trying to read the interesting Braille phrases that are used for this Braille club session.
 Everyone is enjoying the Braille club. Teresa Mealer's T-shirt has Braille writing on the back. Kelly is still trying to read this Jumbo Braille. The Braille club is where we read certain types of Braille, either contracted, uncontracted or large print Jumbo Braille. We meet every month to maintain our Braille reading Fluency. Come and join us each month for the fun on the last Friday of each month.
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