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Breakfast in the Dark 2019

We at Blindness Support Services would like to thank everyone who came to our annual Breakfast in the Dark event. This year we turned the breakfast in the dark into a learning exercise for all of our sighted guests. A few of our students acted as teachers in briefed their tables on what was to come and teaching two basic dining skills for the blind and visually impaired called the triangle method; a way of organizing silverware, drinks, and your plate on the table along with the clock method for keeping track of where food items are initially on the plate itself. We hope everyone enjoyed the experience and had as much fun participating as we had running the event.

Thank you to everyone who came to supported us and their blind or visually impaired family and friends.Thank you to our volunteers from Delta Gamma. Thank your to the Puritan Bread Company for donating the bread used for french toast. Thank you to Norco Ranch for donating the eggs used in making our batter. Thank you to our Student Volunteers for teaching the lesson that was so important to this experience. And a final big thank you to Molina Healthcare for sponsoring this year's Breakfast in the Dark.