Blind Awareness Month Assistive Technology Department Album

Attendees for the Gary Polster low vision presentation Demonstrating the unit to luis Kelly and Lorenzo using cctv Ramiro using the Clearview with speech cctv Demonstrating the ClearReader+ to Sylvia Sylvia with magnifier
Sweetman systems attendees Beginning presentation sweetman systems Sweetman Systems presentation OpenFit being presented here promises ambient sound awareness second to none HIMS U2 Mini Sweetman Systems presentation of assistive products for the blind
Accessiblity products from Sweetman Systems Sweetman Sytems presentation of products for the Blind There are all kinds of accessible products and optical readers for the Blind Bob Sweetmen from Sweetmen Systems demonstrating the humanware Braille touch braille note Everyone has come to see the demonstration Bob Sweetman is giving his presentation for the Blind Awareness Event
Bob Sweetman presenting Low vision gadgets and talking technology seminar Low vision gadgets and talking technology:
 George and Jesus from Ovac Assistive Technology Inc. demonstrating enhanced vision products Everyone has come in to see the Low Vision Products Demonstation from OVAV The Low Vision presentation from OVAC OVAC is demonstration cctv and OCR cameras for scanning and reading documents The presentation is about Low Vision gadgets
OVAC demonstration for Blind Awareness Month OVAV demonstrating a cctv with OCR camera

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