Blind Awareness Month Pancake Breakfast Album

Ciro Trujillo Pete Benavidez Setting up for the pancake breakfast Alina and her baby girl for the beauty contest John and his brother Ciro and his family
Sorority volunteers Happy Grandma and her Granddbaby Luis and Antonia Breakfast time Everyone is enjoying the pancake breakfast funded by Molina Healthcare Everyone is in the pancake room eating pancakes
They enjoy eating pancakes Rosalie and her family Feliciano Godoy at the front desk families on the B-side enjoying the pancake breakfast Everyone is enjoying the pancakes On the B-side eating a pancake breafast funded by Molina Healthcare
Teresa and Belinda Dolores with her baby for the beaty contest Pete Benavidez Sorority Volunteers serving up the breakfast Molina Healthcare presentation at th Pancake breakfast The Molina Healthcare presentation in the pancake room Molina Healthcare presentation at th Pancake breakfast Belinda giving her testimony at BSS Marie Negrete with her children at the pancake breakfast Brenda and Jeremy
Marilyne at the pancake breakfast Luis giving his testimony A baby girl ready for the beauty contest Giving a testimony about what BSS has done for them Another person giving their testimony about how BSS has helped them succeed in life The Beauty Contest at the Blind Awareness Month Pancake Breakfast Tommy jamming at the talent show Pete Benavidez and Lolita Barnard Nancy Prieto giving her testimony Ramon who won the 50/50 raffle

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