Blind Awareness Month Children's Department Carnival Album

Setting up for the carnival the ring toss booth people enjoying the ring toss booth A sign listing the carnival events and prices drop a coin into the water and win a prize a view of the carnival as it was all set up and waiting for the people to show up
A kid tossing a ball in the ball toss booth Ms Lolita Barnard who organized the carnival showing up at the carnival Families showing up for the carnival A woman enjoying the carnival setting up the tents for the carnival
the carnival sign setting up shade for the carnival a family arrives to the carnival Kelly Hill and Brenda Martinez The drop a coin and win booth /td> a view of one side of the carnival
A little girl with her face painted the guessing jar booth Maddam Shay and her fortunes booth Our cooks for the event A boy and his father helping with the booth The lolly pop tree painting faces painting faces booth getting ready for the cake walk playing the cake walk to win a cake
a man holding the cake he just won at the cake walk more people showing up for the carnival showing up for the carnival A blind child enjoying the ring toss a blind child with her mother at the ring toss the guessing jar booth enjoying the guessing jars more people coming to the Maddam Shay's booth enjoying a fortune from Maddam Shay more families at the carnival
Cooking food for the carnival cooking food for the carnival selling tickets a crowd of people enjoying the carnival people at the carnival enjoying the ring toss the DJ playing music for the carnival a mother and her boy at the carnival a little boy at the ring toss

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