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Accessability to the arts

a little boy blindfolded and feeling the flowers on the tactile mural
a group of five women feeling all around the tactile mural
a power chair bound girl feeling the bear on our tactile mural
two women feeling the left side of the mural
a wheelchair bound girl feeling flowers on the left side of our mural

Our collaboration with the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) has been a huge success. This was apparent with the great turnout we received at our “Accessibility to The Arts” event we hosted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 at our main office location in Riverside. We want to thank all of the justice-involved youth that worked through RAM’s “Creative Horizon Program”, which harnesses the power of art as a catalyst for behavioral change, on the amazing tactile mural they were able to create alongside RAM’s artist-instructors, Connie and Pablo. During the unveiling of the tactile mural we had participants experience the mural with a blindfold on. Once they had gone through the entire mural they were able to remove the blindfold and experience it with their sight. This is an approach we took to help bring awareness as to how people with low vision to blindness will experience the interactive mural. To all those who helped organize the event no matter how little the help was; we greatly appreciate your willingness and kindness. Our colorful decorations were donated to us by Alin’s Party Supply, thank you for having such a great team! We would also like to thank Caryn Marsella, RAM’s Art Education Director for this partnership opportunity and Riverside County Superior Court Judge Roger Luebs for all of his involvement with the Creative Horizon Program. Our program, “Tactile Approach to Learning”, would not be possible without our continuous support from guest speaker, Tammi Graham, Executive Director of First 5 of Riverside, thank you. Lastly, we’d like to thank Mayor of Riverside, Rusty Bailey, RAM’s board members and our Blindness Support Services Children Department families for their support and attendance at our event.