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Blind Diabetes Independence Day

The BID Group, and BID Group Partners, proclaim May 19 to be Blind Diabetes Independence Day!

Bob Bourdette, Director of Sales with BID Group sponsor Advanced Diabetes Supply, will be presenting at
Blindness Support Services Inc. 3696 Beatty Drive Riverside, CA 92506 on Friday, May 19 at 10:00am for a Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Meter Workshop. Blind diabetics within traveling distance of Riverside, CA can attend in person. Blind diabetics, blindness social workers, CDEs, and those who cannot be there in person may join the meeting via conference call by dialing 641-715-0861 and entering the pin number 886466#. We will be hosting blind diabetics from across the country who want to learn how to use the Prodigy Voice Meter, get started with using the living with diabetes and blindness training materials, and make new friends. For more information about this event
contact Feliciano Godoy at (951) 341-0296.

the Prodigy audio talking blood glucomter

BID Group sponsor, Advanced Diabetes Supply, provides the only NFB + AFB Award Winning Blind-Friendly Prodigy Voice meter to people on Medicare, private health plans, and cash pay. They sell Prodigy test strips for just $6.87 per box for people with no insurance. If you want more information about the BID Group,
call Jerry Munden at (980) 253-0949 or to order a Prodigy Voice meter and supplies call Bob Bourdette at (760) 579-7230.

The BID Group provides free "Living with Diabetes and Blindness", training materials on their website at Another BID Group Partner is 'Senior Center Without Walls', which provides Blind Diabetes Peer led support group services. Contact Katie Wade at (415) 805-6692 to get signed up.

Jerry Munden Blind Independence Diabetes Group -BID Group (980) 253-0949.

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Blindness Support Services Inc.

Blindness Support Services offers many services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The Braille Department, The Department for Older Adults, Assistive Technology, Childrens Department, Travel Training, Independent Living Skills, Mobility and Orientation. We have Adjustment to Blindness Peer Suppport Groups in Spanish and English.

For more information please call us at: (951) 341-9244.